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​Started in a small refugee camp on the shore of the Philippines, Pop and Mah fled Vietnam during hardship times. Working hard, day in and day out, the small family picked up work as clocks-smith, jewelers, and photographer to get by. Even though they were far away from home, an old tradition bring them back to the good ol' days. When dust settles, Pop and a few of his friends packed their gear and headed into the ocean where they felt where they belong.

Each trip, they would dive for hours for calamari, fish, eel, crab and oysters. In the middle of the night, with a beer in hand, bonfire burning along the beachside, they would roast their catches until dawn.

Now, in the beautiful hometown of the Denver, Colorado, this tradition has ceased due to this land locked mountainous town. Nevertheless, seafood is still a tradition. With appetites that have been trained to pick the best of the best, The Yabby Hut was born to bring friends and family together. With a twist of the bayside theme and traditional Philippines way of eating food (everything with bare hands and fingers), the good ol' day is back in action. 

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